"Mangiare bene" is the first step to a long and healthy life. Following a balanced diet, besides being a sign of good food education, ensures to the body the right amount of nutrients without falling back to bad habits or depriving us of tasty food pleasure.
It is in order to eliminate bad eating habits and to reach a complete psychophysical wellness that the "Mangiar Bene" project comes to life.
The eating well philosophy comes from its founder's experiences, Armando Bomba. He was previously the director of one of the best Brunello wine producers business. A few years ago he decided to put into practice his ideas, starting the production and distribution of healthy and nutritious gluten free products and opening, together with his daughters, the "Mangiar Bene" shop.
Today "Mangiar Bene" represents an important part of the food market within Grosseto; thanks to its own kitchen/bakery it is possible to taste foods of the traditional cookery as well as to buy a wide range of products from quality brands.
At "Mangiar Bene" all products are gluten-free. They who suffer from celiac disease have the possibility to purchase all kinds of products without any health risk.
If you Choose to shop at "Mangiar Bene" you will not lose time searching for gluten-free products and your shopping will be handy and speedy.

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    From: 12 settembre 2016

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    From: 15 giugno 2012

    To: 15 giugno 2012

    Su prenotazione è disponibile anche il pane aproteico senza glutine!!


    From: 01 settembre 2012

    To: 01 settembre 2012

    Si informa che,al contrario delle farmacie private della provincia di Grosseto ,continuiamo il ritiro....

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